"I dance with fire to any and every genre of music. Fire does not define me as a dancer, but only makes my dance a whole lot more interesting. I want to take my audience to a place they have never been before. " 

A fire dancer manipulates performance props with fire. Fire dancing is a unique form of entertainment that can be added to any type of event. As head of her troupe, The Dancing Fire, Natalia specializes in creating performances for events from weddings to club shows to private parties. If you are looking for a unique form of entertainment that will not be seen anywhere else, you have come to the right place. 

 Fire Fans 
 Fire Dragon Staff
 Fire Headpieces
 Fire Sword
 Fire Balancing Sowrd
 Fire Hoop
 Fire Eating
 Fire Staff
 Fire Poi 
 Fire Double Staff
 Fire Palm Torches          
 Fire Orb
 Fire Limbo Stick
 LED/Glow Hoop
 LED/Glow Poi

 Belly Dance
 Spanish Flavor 
cal Traditional
 Hawaiian Hula

 Clubs, Restaurants, Stage, Weddings, Wedding Receptions,
 Corporate Events, Casinos, Private Parties, Theme Events,
 Receptions, Halloween Parties, Holiday Events, Carnivals,
 Conventions, Outdoor Events, Festivals, Kids Parties, Luau Parties  
 Belly Dance Shows, Hookah Bars, Bachelorette Parties, New Years,
 St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July Party, All Girls  Parties/Girls Night Out,
 Fundraisers, Charity, Bab
y Showers, Sweet 16, Celebrations

 Fully Insured by American Fire Artists   
What is Flow?
  Poi, staff, and hoop manipulation is also called "spinning". The art of spinning and flow arts involves the manipulation of particular props around the body. Sometimes props are manipulated in various patterns which are learned and practiced by the performer. Flow is about getting lost in spinning your prop and not thinking about the next move. Manipulation and flow arts are great for stress relief and are also a unique type of workout. Spinning involves using muscle groups in your entire body. 

What is a Fire Dancer?
A fire dancer is an individual that manipulates a prop that has a burning flames on its wicks. Each props has a unique visual pattern when used in performance. Fire hula hoops create circular patterns while staves are manipulated in a different way. Most fire dancers eat fire in addition to the repertoire of fire props. Natalia eats fire and is also skilled in fleshing and painting. Fleshing, or painting, is the act of trailing fire along different part of the body. Fire is a very unique performance art and is also very exciting for the performer. Safety is always priority in fire performance and all of our performances include a trained fire safety spotter and safety equipment.

Body Paint by BatCountryArt

Need an alternative to fire? LED performances are still hot hot hot. Natalia performs with LED hoops, poi, and staff. 
The visual excitement of LED is perfect for any night club and can be added to any type of event. 
LED performances are also available in addition to your booked fire performance for no additional charge.